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Transformational Moments in Life – An Update

Dear Friends,

The future is uncertain for us. Our property in Illinois has not sold. Having to care and pay for two residences has been a hard stretch. As we’ve said before, we went all in for this dream, and there isn’t room for excesses.

Since the property hasn’t sold, and the business is not yet self-sustaining, we will have no choice but to return to Illinois. As many of you know, we work around the clock. We work in the bakery long hours and we have additional jobs. However, we have been actively searching for local employment all year. Asheville is one tough employment nugget to crack. We’ve had interviews and have more lined up, but employers are moving slowly, and if an offer doesn’t come by June 24,2012, we will be packing and moving back as our current lease is up on the 30th of June.

I Heart Veg will still exist, but we won’t be providing baked goods. Illinois does not offer the same opportunity for small businesses to exist as a cottage food industry. So, no, we can’t ship you our sweet treats, as we would not do that from an unlicensed kitchen.

All current orders will be fulfilled as promised, and any new orders will be taken on as time allows. We have to be prepared to move, so time is a precious commodity at this point.

Your support and encouragement has been amazing. Thank you for loving our products and spreading the word about us. We enjoyed meeting everyone, and for those of you who went out of your way to meet up at markets, order online, or phone in an order- we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for supporting our small business dream and helping to make delicious vegan food a viable option. We will keep you updated on our progress.

We heart you all,

Jeannie & Loren

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