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Review: Teeccino Herbal Coffee Tee-bag – Vanilla Nut

Review for Teeccino herbl coffee, photo of cup, tee-bag

I love coffee. I love the flavor, the warmth in my hand, the taste, and the aroma. I drink a mug every morning to help get me going. I should say I make a cafe mocha every morning and give credit to my sweet Italian Moka pot. Sometimes I’d like a cup in the evening, […]

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Track Your Garden Harvest Bounty Stats

Vegtables Harvest from the garden

A lot is made of planning the garden and keeping track of seeds and plant placement, but what about when the stuff starts to grow? There seems to be a shortage of material dedicated to keeping track of what you’ve actually grown. We started keeping track of our harvested bounty last year. We started a […]

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What’s Sproutin’ – A Planting Update

It’s about time for a planting update. We usually plant potatoes, and we’ve followed the advice to cut the seed potatoes into many pieces and plant them. We’ve been successful with this method, too.  However, we recently saw a potato farmer on tv proclaiming that the planted cut pieces encourages bacteria and mold growth that […]

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No Gutter Balls & Food, Inc.

Well, we did get two of our old gutters up this weekend. We are testing them out on the inside of our fence. While it probably wasn’t necessary, we put up a board behind the gutter just to give it a little more stability. These gutters aren’t going anywhere. The top gutter is lettuce, the […]

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Newspaper Pots and Mind in the Gutter

Bachelor buttons grow in newspaper pot

Quick update on how things are going since we planted some seeds in our handmade newspaper pots. The newspaper pots are holding up to watering and being moved and shifted about. The seeds are sprouting and growing, so all is well. So, our little experiment is a successful one. Now if we could just get […]

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Read It and Plant It

The calendar says spring is here, and you know what that means – cleaning and planting. Or, if you are still waiting on the last frost of the season, preparing to plant.  Let’s combine the two and see what we can come up with. A lot of people have a big stack of newspapers just […]

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How My Silk Soymilk Garden Grows

Silk Soymilk containers used to protect plants.

Start saving those Silk Soymilk containers for your very own Silk Soymilk garden fortress. For years we’ve used our Silk cartons (and others we’ve had on hand) as protectors for our herb seedlings that we plant near the house. Our very large and hungry resident bunnies love these sweet little plants and will devour them […]

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A Garden In Your Window

The most impressive hydroponics system I’ve ever laid eyes on was during the Living with the Land boat ride at  Epcot in Walt Disney World. The amount and variety of plants they grow is enough to not only make your mouth water, but your mind wander at the limitless possibilities of this form of agriculture. […]

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