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Newspaper Pots and Mind in the Gutter

Bachelor buttons grow in newspaper pot

Quick update on how things are going since we planted some seeds in our handmade newspaper pots.

The newspaper pots are holding up to watering and being moved and shifted about. The seeds are sprouting and growing, so all is well. So, our little experiment is a successful one. Now if we could just get started earlier in the season next year. It is very difficult to think about planting anything when you are shivering in the snow.

Unlike most people, I want you to get your mind into the gutter. Recycled gutters that is.

When we moved in to our house we had to replace the leaky gutters. Like the good recyclers we are (or hoarders), we’ve held onto them, keeping them stashed away in the barn for a rainy day project or to eventually haul off to recycling. Ten years later, and I think we have a winner of an idea for those old beautiful gutters.

Gutter gardening! I know, it sounds less than fabulous, but honestly, doesn’t this look amazing to you?

suzanne forsling grows a great gutter garden

Photo  Credit: Suzanne Forsling as printed at the Juneau

Thought you might change your tune. Who knew stuff growing in gutters could be a good thing? Hoping to get our own gutter garden “off the ground” this weekend. Herbs, lettuce, radishes, and maybe some carrots sound perfect for a gutter garden.

For some more inspiration, and the reason why I stumbled across this gem of an idea at all, visit

What inventive methods are you utilizing in your garden space this year? Do share and tell!

What is growing in the newspaper pot photographed?

Blue blachelor button flowers

Blue Bachelor Buttons