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A Garden In Your Window

The most impressive hydroponics system I’ve ever laid eyes on was during the Living with the Land boat ride at  Epcot in Walt Disney World. The amount and variety of plants they grow is enough to not only make your mouth water, but your mind wander at the limitless possibilities of this form of agriculture. Check out these impressive photos captured by Fraochsidhe.

I’ve yet to tinker with any hydroponics project, but thanks to the great Window Farms project, I don’t seem to have a reason not to try it. I’m not exactly their target audience. I don’t live in New York, and I’m far from urban, but I do have mad love for fresh veg. 🙂

While I do have a vegetable garden and an outdoor compost heap, the winter months are long, and my home-canned supply of veggies only takes me on so many culinary journeys. I long to pick a beautiful lettuce leaf. Additionally, I think our little vermicomposters can supply some great nutrients for the plants.

I was thinking of starting a challenge next month to encourage everyone to get started on indoor seedlings, but I’d like to challenge you to starting your own Window Farm project. Grow where you are planted and share the wealth!

I’ll keep you posted on the successes or failures. Ironically, we are considering a move, so this may dampen the project a little. I’d like to start with seeds rather than plants, so that may take some tinkering. The great part is, the project is open to anyone who wants to participate.

Check out the YouTube videos from Window Farms

Here is a great introduction to the project and explanation to what exactly it means to have a Window Farm.

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Britta and Rebecca with the first window farm, May 2009. Photo by Julia Makarova.