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Video: Vegan Garlic Strong Guacamole Recipe

We had a great time hosting an Amazing Holiday House Party that featured Avocados from Mexico, and thought we’d keep the fun going by creating a video of one of our favorite recipes. Guacamole is a simple food, but so many people avoid making it because they are afraid something could go horribly awry. We really want you to learn to put your cooking and baking fears aside and just dive into the experience. Even is something doesn’t turn out right, you’ve learned something from it, and you are only improving. We hope you enjoy our first step into the video tutorial pool.

Some interesting facts about avocados from Avocados from Mexico:

* Avocados are a fruit, not a vegetable

* Mexico is the only place in the world where avocados bloom four times a year.

* The word avocado comes from the ancient Aztec ahuacatl (meaning testicle, because avocados hang in pairs).

* Nutrients in avocados help your body metabolize food.

* Avocados can be used in place of oil or butter when baking. Its mashed pulp can substitute up to one-half the fact you’d typically use.

* On Super Bowl Sunday, Americans eat enough guacamole to cover a football field more than 30 feet thick.

* Avocados are climacteric. They don’t ripen on the tree. They actually ripen seven to ten days after they are picked.